Reviews to: RAZER DeathAdder 3500DPI

RAZER DeathAdder 3500DPI
Evaluation: 5 von 5 stars! ( 5/5)


Very awesome mouse. I've had the Razer copperhead (which I disliked), the Logitech MX510 and MX518 (which I used before this). I can tell you that this is the first mouse that I immediately loved. The grip is very good, the side buttons and mousewheel are well positioned. The software is much like with the other razer mice; intuitive and functional. The only problems I have is the reading quality on the Corepad Eyepad (see the review on that one), and the scrollwheel reading as if I turned the wheel one bit when I press it. In other words, I have mb3 as dropping my weapon, so when I press the wheel, it sometimes switches weapons before dropping my gun, thus dropping the wrong gun.

But these small problems are outshined by the quality and comfort of this mouse. I very much recommend this mouse to anyone!