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Corepad EYEpad XL OEM

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Corepad XL EYEpad OEM

The EYEpad is the result of a cooperation between Core Gaming Gear (the manufacturer of the Corepad gaming surfaces) and Team EYEBALLERS (Eyeballers (EYE) is a professional gaming team, founded in Sweden in 1998).

The EYEpad is one of the thinnest cloth mouse pads on the market and still comfortable for your wrist. The design, material and measurements are developed together with Team EYEBALLERS and therefore tested and approved by a professional gaming team. This ensures you will get the best out there for your gaming needs, like precision, feel and functionality.

The standard EYEpad is 325 mm wide, 290 mm deep, consisting of two layers which is only 1.6 mm thin. The backing is made from specially designed non-slip rubber and the upside is made from very smooth and flexible cloth.

The EYEpad is introduced as an OEM version. OEM means there will be no expensive packaging which you the customer have to pay for. It will be delivered in a thin poly bag. The EYEpad is so flexible that you easily can role it up and put it in a bag to transport it to anywhere you want to take it, without damaging it.

The EYEpad is designed and developed by pro-gamers for pro-gamers!


HUGE very durable, flexible and smooth cloth mouse pad
Great for low sensitivity mouse settings
Compatible with all mice
Specially designed non-slip rubber backing
Washable with regular dish soap and a damp sponge
455 mm wide, 405 mm deep and only 1.6 mm thin

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