Razer Lachesis wraith red

Razer Lachesis Rood Special

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Razer Lachesis wraith red game muis

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Since my Sennheiser PC155 usb headset broke, I was looking for a decent replacement of the same quality and primarily ment for gaming on high lvl; so clear sounds is a musthave. Personally had never heard of BeyerDynamics but after a bit of webserving and reading other reviews and articles, it came clear to me these guys have one of the leading roles in the soundindustry. And this came clear when I first used this headset. It comes in a thightly sealed box, together with an usb controller hub / soundcard which looks and feels really solid. It has an extra leather-alike headband which adjust to the size of your head, giving extra support. The earcups will surround most ears, but if you have really large ones it might be a bit more uncomfortable. But in my case this wasn?t a problem at all. In fact, the earcushions feel really soft and because the headset weighs really light, even after a few hours of gaming you wont even notice you are wearing them. The sounds, that is higher and lower tones (bass), are really good ingame. I have tried them in COD4, Axis and Allies, C&C, Wolfenstein and Call of Juarez and everything sounded just as well as the Sennheiser I used. Both when using usb sound and a Creative x-fi gamer soundcard. When listening to music its just fine, but I didn?t intend to buy them for this purpose, mainly for gaming. It has some cons though, and the most annoying one I thought was for not having an inline volumecontrol! Fortunatly I (and I think most peeps nowadays) have a volumecontroller on my keyboard so this wasn?t such a big deal but still? The other cons was the cablelength between the plugs and the usb-soundcard. Well, that is when using the pc soundcard at the back of the pc whilst using the mic through the usb-soundcard. When using this set-up (which is been said to be the best for max performance) the usb-controller have to be moffled away under your desk and ya can hardly reach it. But again, this wont be a problem when having media buttons on your keyboard. Last cons, though less annoying, is the fact the leather-alike headband makes some stretching sound when lifting or tilting your head firmly. Maybe this is for the headset still being new and has to be worn for some time? Anyways, you wont notice this when gaming or listening to music so actually it aint really a cons. Pro?s: - good sounds ingame (e.g. fps games such as cod4) - good mic quality in teamspeak or ventrillo - solid materials - really lightweighted / soft earcushions therefor really comfortable - easy installment, just plug and play - nice price / quality Cons: - no inline volume controle buttons - when connecting audio to back of pc and mic to usb, usb volumecontroller is too far away In overall this is a good headset. In fact i like this one better than my previous one of Sennheiser since it weighs just as much (or little) but has bigger earcaps that fully close them (this will account for most peeps I think). For comparison; I have tried /tested the following headsets: Steelseries V2, Point of View, Sharkoon Majestic, Logitech Precision Gamer, Sennheiser pc155 and except for the senheiser, none of them comes close.

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