Reviews to: Corepad EYEpad XL OEM

Corepad EYEpad XL OEM
Evaluation: 4 von 5 stars! ( 4/5)


I bought this pad along with a Razer DeathAdder. If you plan to do the same, reconsider. The Deathadder is a fantastic mouse, and the eyepad is a very comfortable pad, but this combination has reading problems. De Deathadder has big problems with reading the small details of this pad. This creates shuddering cursor movements, skipping pixels and even the cursor moving in the wrong direction. This only happens on small scales, but it is very noticible, especially with mid or high sensitivity. This combo is only good if you have a 360 of 22cm or more.

If it didn't have this reading problems, this combo would be perfect. I'll be getting a Corepad C1 to see if it has the same problems.