Payment options at Cyes

Payment Method:

Sofort Banking:
Is one of the safest and fastest growing payment methode of the internet with TÜV certified data protection. No registration with Deutsche Handelsbank, no credit card and no charge suspense needed. With Sofort-banking can be payed from 10 european countries:Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland and Spain, safely. Only the data from your online account (PIN / TAN) are required. Your login you safely complete on the site of Deutsche Handelsbank. We receive your payment therefore immediately and deliver the order in accordance with the delivery time. The data stream of Deutsche Handelsbank is moreover constantly verified and certified by TÜV, a German company worldwide known specialized in quality and safety control.

Ideal only for within Netherlands:
For only for the Netherlands. With iDeal you can easily pay online purchases. No registration required, no need for iDeal to open up an account. Only the data from your online account (PIN / TAN) are required. We receive your payment immediately and deliver in accordance with the delivery time.

PayPal for Netherland, Belgium, Germany and Austria:
PayPal is an online payment system. PayPal requires payment with Credit Card or PayPal paid on own account PayPal is safe and requires the percentage of 2 % additional of each payment. You have to open an account at PayPal with private data and credit card information. This for once so even if you do other online purchases in the future you are client at PayPal. We recieve the payment immediate and deliver in accordance with the delivery time.

Wire into our account:
Wire the total amount of order into our bank account without deduction of anykind of costs. Mention when paying the exact name of account holder: Play Trend, Germany and your order number and name. Your order will be shipped within 1 day after receiving your payment.

Cash payment:
Your purchase you can also pick up and pay cash. This by making an appointment by email or phone.