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Baby bottle warmer

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Heating pad for Baby Bottle 0.6-0.8 Liter without cover and without bottle

Baby bottle WarmUp for when you're out to go with the baby simply warm the bottle by starting the heat pad, see info. Ideal for travel, the heating pad surface for warming use as nutrients are better preserved than the bottle
hours pre-heated. Also handy to keep the baby warm, or if the baby has colic lay WarmUp heating pad with a blanket between on the baby belly. Heat softens and numb the pain. Easy to use and can be used hundreds of times.
Super cute for the baby very much appreciated and durable gift!

How to use reusable heat pack WarmUp :

Reusable heat pack WarmUp has no electricity, no heating. WarmUp heat on command. Heat where and when you wish. The metal plate to press a few times and WarmUp heats within seconds to about 54 ° C. The length of the effective duration is affected by the temperature outside and kind of application. After using the reusable heat pack Warmup according to the Recharge instructions Reusable heat pack WarmUp is reusable for hundreds of times.

To Activate:
1. Take the small metal disc inside the reusable heat pack WarmUp pad between thumb and index finger using both hands.
2. Flex the disc 2-3 times or more until the liquid crystalizes, turning white and becoming warm up to approximately 50-53 degrees.
3. Massage the reusable heat packsWarmUp for short time to distribute the heat evenly.
Reusable heat packs WarmUp will stay warm for between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on its size and the ambient temperature, then cool gradually.

To Recharge:
1.Place the reuseable heat pack WarmUp into a pan. It isalso recommended toplace a thin cloth in the bottom of the pan before applying the heat to prevent the pad from possible damage. Add water and heat until boiling.
2. Boil the heat pack WarmUp for approximately 10-15 minutes until the contents turn transparent and the white crystals dissapear. The time this requires depends on the size of the pad.
3. Take the reuseable heat pack WarmUp out of the pan dry it with a towel and let it cool by lying it down. Caution! Do not use the pad immediatly after boiling as it is very hot and can burn the skin. The reuseable heat pack WarmUp is now ready for re-use. This process can be repeated many times.


Safety note:
People with cardiac and / or sensory problems, consult your doctor before use. The contents of the Warmup is not hazardous, nonflammable, nontoxic, noncorrosive and environmentally safe. Ingredients Warmup heat pads are TÜV approved! If accidentally burst the pillow, the liquid is directly attached. This can then be removed with water. Soiled clothing or textiles, you can wash as normally. Not suitable for consumption. No toys for kids!

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