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Handwarmer Round ca. 10 cm

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Pocket handwarmer Round

The pocketwarmer round the ideal warmer  for cold hands, perfect is this warmer in the pocket of your jacket. During winter sport as skiing and snowboarding the warmer is your best friend during the icy cold. Medical hot packs of WarmUp used for over years. For people with poor blood circulation, cold hands by rheumatism, diabetes, Raynaud's phenomenon, and many other causes for cold hands. Cold hands history! Heat where and when you want with these reusable heat pads of WarmUp. A perfect gift.

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WarmUp heatpads
WarmUp does not need any electricity, no preheating. WarmUp heat on command. Pressing the metall plate few times WarmUp will within few seconds warmuo to approx. 50 degrees. The gentle warmth of WarmUp takes half an hour up to 2 hours depending on the outside temperature and the size of the WarmUp heatpads. When properly maintained, WarmUp can be reused hundreds of times according to the cook proces of the instructions delivered with the WarmUp heatpad. Warmup NOT in the microwave.

Safety note WarmUp: People with blood difficulties and / or sensory difficulties consult your doctor before using WarmUp heat pillows. The content of WarmUp is not hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, bisphenol-A free and environmentally friendly. If the cushion accidentally bursts open, the liquid immediately becomes firm. This can then be easily removed with water. Wash contaminated garments or textiles normally. Not suitable for consuming. Warmup is not a medicine, homeopathic remedy or medicine. WarmUp is not a toy for children.

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