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Powercool SX3 BigPad coolmat dog

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PowerCool SX3 BigPad Coolmat Dog

Cooldown dog :

  • heat
  • overheating
  • gasping heavily
  • für more energy
  • for better life

CoolDown for:

  • lower body temperature
  • lower heart rate
  • more energy
  • perform better
  • better concentrate
  • better responsiveness

Size: 50x100cm
Color: Blue

See next tab for sizes, washing instructions, etc.
E.Cooline Cooling clothing is - in contrast to most other cooling textiles - washab
le.  Divide 1 liter water over the Coolmat than press dry and ready for your dog.

Cold is often good during the heat, but not for every dog. If your dog is sick or you think that the dog is ill, always ask a veterinarian first if cold will do your dog good.

PowersCool SX3 BigPad Coolmat dog

Sizes : 50x100cm
Color: blue

All E-Cooline Produkten can be handwashed or washed at 30 ° C in a wool-wash cycle separately without spin-drying with the special detergent DEOXX® ecowash (alternatively: TOKO® ecowash) developed for use with refrigeration functional textiles. And many other commercially available ph-neutral liquid detergents are also suitable, however, due to the different chemical compositions, we can not guarantee this. Please note the instructions enclosed with the product.

Washing instructions:
The most functional cool clothes are not washable which is a big hygiene problem. Wash E-Cooline products at 30 degrees in the washing machine with a PH Neutral detergent on wool or wash by hand, be sure to rinse very well.

Washing machine at 30 ° C
Before you put the product in the washing machine, you close all the closures, so close the zipper, close the tape. Wash separately at 30 °C with a neutral detergent (no color or functional detergent). ATTENTION: Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

To dry
Do not dry in dryer, dry by hanging wet and leave it there for 1 to 3 days.

Wash in the evening then hang up to dry overnight so that it is ready for use the next morning.

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E-Cooline coolclothing has a cooling capacity of 660 Watt/l produces a cooling effect through natural evaporative cooling, which leads to a temperature reduction of up to 12 degrees.
Non added manufacturer warranty. We do have to mention you: that no restrictions on the compliance law (legal warranty) take place by the above mentioned warranty.
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